About Haztams

First Merit Solutions has created the state of the art software Haztams. Haztams software is a fast, data driven, Hazard tracking and mitigation system. Most Hazard tracking systems on the market have multiple an often overlapping analysis datapoints. These datapoints are contained within the main hazard tracking system compliance "MIL_STD_882E".

With Haztams, this software will allow the user to be able to:
  • Thoroughly develop hazards to the root cause (Source).
  • Develop Mitigations and track their status.
  • Bi-directionally map the implementing requirements from PERFSPEC to lowest level.
  • Track status of System Level hazards and System-of-System hazards.

Haztams Values

Mission: Achieve a First-Time-Go on every project’s safety certification review.
Objective: The objective of HAZTAMS is to overcome the many challenges of identifying the appropriate data points when establishing a System Safety Program. HAZTAMS is an intuitive tool that software and/or system engineers can populate with relevant technical data to achieve a software and/or system safety certification decision.